Individual assignments · Poly projects

Customer Relationship Management Assignment

Based on my encounter with a service provider, I was required to rate the service provided by the service provider using the customer relationship management concepts. My tutor did not want us to use concepts that we learnt from lecture notes. She wanted us to explore other new concepts from other sources other than lecture… Continue reading Customer Relationship Management Assignment

Individual assignments · Uni projects

Critical Readings Tutor Marked Assignment

Based on the King Oedipus book, I am supposed to describe the judgements made by the characters in the book. When I was doing the assignment, my main focus was to identify the judgements in the book and explain the judgements clearly. However, I forgotten to link the paragraphs in my essay so my professor… Continue reading Critical Readings Tutor Marked Assignment

Group assignments · Uni projects

World Histories & Issues Group Based Assignment

This project required us to make a video about one site of memory. My group chose Reflections at Bukit Chandu as our site of memory. Our professor also suggested some key issues that should be presented in the video. Some of the questions posted by our professor were difficult to answer as we did not… Continue reading World Histories & Issues Group Based Assignment