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Managerial Accounting Group Based Assignment

We were required to solve a long question on process costing for this group assignment. I usually prefer to split up the work among the group and work individually. This is because I believe that this is the most effective and efficient method to get things done. However, my group decided to attempt this assignment… Continue reading Managerial Accounting Group Based Assignment

Individual assignments · Uni projects

Contract & Agency Law Tutor Marked Assignment

This individual assignment required me to describe the appropriate laws that were applicable to the scenarios given by my professor. Even though the scenarios were short, they provided me with both big and small details that I had to take note of so that I could correctly and specifically determine which laws were applicable to… Continue reading Contract & Agency Law Tutor Marked Assignment

Individual assignments · Uni projects

Sustainability, Technology & Society End-of-Course Assessment

This assessment required me to write a 3,500 words essay on a technology of my choice. I picked robotics for this assessment. Despite attending this module, I was still very unfamiliar with technology as I was not technology savvy in the first place. Thus, I faced challenges when I was doing this assessment. The first… Continue reading Sustainability, Technology & Society End-of-Course Assessment

Individual assignments · Poly projects

Working at Business Research Centre

Another business centre that I worked at during my final semester in poly was Business Research Centre (BRC). Students in BRC did surveys for either the school or external clients, analysed the survey data and presented the findings to the related parties. The most difficult thing for me was collecting survey results. Majority of the… Continue reading Working at Business Research Centre

Individual assignments · Poly projects

Working At Marketing Services Centre Studio

I worked at two business centres when I was in my final semester in poly. One of the business centres was Marketing Services Centre (MSC) studio. It was basically a store that sold fashion apparels, skin care products, lifestyle gifts and etc. That was my first time working in a retail environment so many things… Continue reading Working At Marketing Services Centre Studio

Individual assignments · Poly projects

Customer Relationship Management Assignment

Based on my encounter with a service provider, I was required to rate the service provided by the service provider using the customer relationship management concepts. My tutor did not want us to use concepts that we learnt from lecture notes. She wanted us to explore other new concepts from other sources other than lecture… Continue reading Customer Relationship Management Assignment