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Financial Instruments, Institutions and Markets Tutor Marked Assignment

It is required of me to discuss the functions of financial markets and evaluate the success of Singapore stock market in fulfilling the functions for this assignment.

Generally, I did not have much of a problem in discussing the functions of financial markets. Instead, I faced some difficulties in evaluating the success of Singapore stock market in fulfilling the various functions.

I did not fully understand some of the functions of the financial markets. Therefore, it became hard for me to find evidences and evaluate whether Singapore stock market did a good job in fulfilling the functions. Also, it was not easy finding direct evidences to support my evaluation of the Singapore stock market. I only managed to find indirect evidences, so the best I could do was to infer and mainly based my evaluation on my inferences.

From this, I learnt that I should make myself fully understand the concepts before proceeding to complete my assignments. This will enable the process of completing my assignments a lot smoother. I learnt the importance of inference skills as well. It is not possible to find direct evidences all the times. Whenever such situation occurs, I need make reasonable inferences based on the limited evidences I can find and try to make my evaluation as logical as possible.


Report: hoyuling_tma


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