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Managerial Accounting Group Based Assignment

We were required to solve a long question on process costing for this group assignment.

I usually prefer to split up the work among the group and work individually. This is because I believe that this is the most effective and efficient method to get things done. However, my group decided to attempt this assignment differently. It was a complex question with many parts and the answers for each part would affect the final answer for the question. Therefore, it would be better to do the entire question together as a group.

As we were doing this assignment, we encountered difficulties in answering certain parts of the question. We were unsure whether the methods we used to compute the answers were correct or not. Whenever we met with difficulties, I was glad that we decided to do this assignment together as we were able to discuss the solutions with one another and find alternatives to obtain the correct answers. This was something I would not be able to accomplish alone.

In the end, my professor rewarded us with a grade A for this assignment. Getting a grade A would not be possible if my group did not work together. This experience once again proved the importance of teamwork.


Report: tg01_group9_gba



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