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Sustainability, Technology & Society End-of-Course Assessment

This assessment required me to write a 3,500 words essay on a technology of my choice. I picked robotics for this assessment.

Despite attending this module, I was still very unfamiliar with technology as I was not technology savvy in the first place. Thus, I faced challenges when I was doing this assessment.

The first issue I encountered was I did not fully understand the requirements of this assessment. The terms used in the assessment’s guidelines were complicated so I had to look up for the definitions of those terms before I start writing the essay.

The next issue was the length of the essay. As I was supposed to write 3,500 words on a topic that I was unfamiliar with, I was worried that I would have insufficient information to write about and my essay would be too short. In order to solve this issue, I did a detailed research on robotics and I explained my points and difficult concepts clearly in the essay.

The final issue was the organisation of the essay. Since the essay was long, it was difficult to organise the essay into an essay that was easy to read. In the end, I organised my essay by putting headers and explaining one point or one concept per paragraph.


Essay: ECA_ylho008


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