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Contract & Agency Law Tutor Marked Assignment

This individual assignment required me to describe the appropriate laws that were applicable to the scenarios given by my professor.

Even though the scenarios were short, they provided me with both big and small details that I had to take note of so that I could correctly and specifically determine which laws were applicable to the scenarios. As a result, I found myself re-reading the scenarios a couple of times when I was doing this assignment to make sure that I was not missing out any important points.

Since more marks would be given if I was able to state the law specifically, I not only looked through my law textbook to find the specific laws that best fitted the scenarios, I also did online research on the Singapore law. While the law textbook provided by the school broke down the laws and made them easier to understand with detailed explanations on what did each law mean, how were the laws being used in real life and etc, the Singapore law I found online only stated the law without any explanation thus it was really hard for me to comprehend what the law actually meant. Since I was afraid that I would misinterpret the meanings of the laws found online and my professor told the class that using the law textbook would be sufficient to complete this assignment, I decided to solely rely on the law textbook to do this assignment.


Report: HoYuLing_TMA


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