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Working at Business Research Centre

Another business centre that I worked at during my final semester in poly was Business Research Centre (BRC). Students in BRC did surveys for either the school or external clients, analysed the survey data and presented the findings to the related parties.

The most difficult thing for me was collecting survey results. Majority of the people were unwilling to do the survey so it was a must for me to be had some courage and asked people nicely to do the survey. Out of every 10 people that I met, there would be more than half of them rejecting to do the survey or simply avoiding me. However, I kept reminding myself that my mood could not be affected by those people. I had to move on quickly and ask more people to do the survey. This was difficult for me as I was a shy person. Thus, having to take initiatives to ask strangers to do survey forced me to move out of my comfort zone and do something I usually would not be able to do.

I then realised that collecting survey results was a tough job. Not only did I had to stand in the public the whole day, I had to keep approaching strangers and asking them to do the survey. From then on, I willingly did the survey for people when I was being approached as I knew how tough it was.


PowerPoint slides: Survey Analysis


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