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Principles of Management Project

For this group project, we needed to find and interview someone in a managerial role in a company about the functions, roles and skills of a manager.

Unfortunately, my group did not have any family member or relative who was in managerial role. Fortunately, I still had the contact number of my boss from my previous job so I decided to ask her for help. It had been a year since we  contacted each other so I was feeling nervous when I called her. I also felt bad for contacting her only when I needed help. However, my group was relying on me to ask my ex boss for help. Thus I decided to be thick skinned at that time.

When she picked up my call, she was still as friendly as before, asking me how was I doing. We chatted a bit and I finally told her the reason for calling her out of the blue. She hesitated a bit and told me that she usually did not help students out for interviews as there were just too many students who asked her for such help. However, she agreed to be my group’s  interviewee! I was happy and thankful to her so I told myself that I would put in all my effort to make sure the project would get us good score.

Hard work did pay off with good result. Our group had grade A for our report. I messaged my ex boss to tell her the good news and thank her once again for making this happened. I also bought her her favourite milk tea and a piece of cake when I went to visit her as a form of appreciation. In the end, my group was happy and she was happy too!

In conclusion, it is important to keep all contacts and continue expanding network because you never know when will you need it. Also, contact the people in your network often, be it for lunch, movie or simply chatting and not contact them only when you need help.


Report: Report


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