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Customer Relationship Management Assignment

Based on my encounter with a service provider, I was required to rate the service provided by the service provider using the customer relationship management concepts.

My tutor did not want us to use concepts that we learnt from lecture notes. She wanted us to explore other new concepts from other sources other than lecture notes. It simply meant I had to find the concepts by myself and apply them to my encounter with the service provider.

Immediately, I met with two issues. The first issue was finding the new concepts. The second issue was to find concepts that were applicable to my encounter with the service provider.

I solved the first issue without much difficulty as there were a lot of customer relationship management concepts in the Internet. Thankfully, my tutor also provided us with useful websites where we could find the concepts.

It was not that easy when I was trying to find applicable concepts. Not only did I have to find applicable concepts, I was required to have five concepts in my report. Soon after, I realised that the reason for not being able to find five applicable concepts was my encounter with the service provider. My encounter with the service provider had too little details and content for me to apply sufficient concepts to it. Hence, instead of spending time finding concepts, I added more content to my encounter with the service provider. Upon doing so, I could apply five applicable concepts to the encounter.

In conclusion, the lesson learnt was to have an open mind. What you initially thought was the problem might not be the right. So you had to open up to the possibilities that the problem might be at other areas.


Report: ICA 1



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