Group assignments · Poly projects

Entrepreneurship Project

This group project required us to come up with a new or modified product or service to be sold to the public. We had to make a business proposal for the product or service that we came up with to persuade investors to invest in us.

In my opinion, this was the toughest project I had done in poly because every part of the project was filled with challenges. I was feeling very stressful throughout the entire time when I was doing the project.

For instance, I felt that we did not have enough content to fill up the 20-page report. We tried explaining everything clearly by adding some illustrations in the report. However, whenever I read my group report, I always felt that something was lacking from our report. I am not sure what was lacking but I have a feeling that we would not gain good grade. True enough, we were the only group in class that had grade C while the rest had grade B.

I regretted my actions at that time. I knew something was lacking so I should have ask my friends or my tutor for help instead of ignoring it. If this situation was to happen again, I would try my best to find the root of the problem and solve it. If I could not find the cause of the problem by myself, I would seek the help of others.


Report: Entrep Report



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