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Internship at Ernst & Young

I was assigned to a challenging work task when I was in my second week of internship.

I had conflicted feelings as I was feeling nervous and happy at the same time. I was nervous because I was afraid that I would not do well. However, I was happy because giving me challenging task to do meant that my senior had faith in me.

I tried to complete the work task by myself without bothering my senior too much as they were busy. After a few days of hard work, I completed the work task and submitted it to my senior. Thankfully, my senior was satisfied with my performance. Except for a few minor changes to be made, my senior praised me for the good work done.

I believed that self reliance was one of the main reasons for completing the task successfully. I faced multiple problems when I was doing the task so I was tempted to ask my seniors for help. However, I forced myself to sit down, think and solve the problems by myself. Therefore, I was proud of myself for completing the task without much help from my senior.


Report: Report

Certificate: EY Certificate of Accomplishment


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