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World Histories & Issues Group Based Assignment

This project required us to make a video about one site of memory. My group chose Reflections at Bukit Chandu as our site of memory. Our professor also suggested some key issues that should be presented in the video.

Some of the questions posted by our professor were difficult to answer as we did not even understand what the questions were asking for. Therefore my group decided that everyone in the group should try to answer all the questions individually first. After that, we would share and combine our answers.

In the end, we managed to present all the key issues in the video. This makes me realised the importance of teamwork when faced with difficult situations. Everyone did our best to answer the difficult questions then we came together to discuss and make the best answers using the answers that we came up with individually. This would not be possible if we did not work together as a team.



Individual summary: TG04, HoYuLing_GBA


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